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Integrated solutions for sports timing

A team of men experts in the design and construction of chronometers, with the aim of meeting the new needs in the world of timing.

We study equipment increasingly closer to the needs of "professionals of the time".

Our products exceed extreme environmental and usage conditions.

Featured products
DIGITECH Chronometer for Regularity Competitions BORA S

DIGITECH Chronometer for Regularity Competitions BORA S

€ 1250,00

A NEW WIND FOR YOUR RACES From the experience gained over the years on the competition fields, the new BORA S is born, which inherits from the predecessor BORA 4 the logic and functionality of use, with a lay-out and absolutely innovative functions: new box: designed with an ergonomic concept completely different from the previous one, and made of an extremely robust material, making it easy to use and to hold, as well as a fall proof function AUDIO CALIPER ®1 and DUAL-IN ® function1 : BORA S is the most innovative tool in its field, allowing at the same time greater precision to the rider, together with a synergy between pilot and co-pilot in the steps on the "tube". The AUDIO CALIPER ®1 function, with the programmable acoustic division between a "Beep" and the other, allows to acquire a greater "rhythm" and to increase the accuracy considerably. The DUAL-IN ®1 function, with two sockets for buttons, allows the pilot and co-pilot to "split" both on the same stopwatch, and to choose the "split" best passage for the backlit keyboard passage: together with the latest generation graphic display, BORA S is very practical to use in night conditions and / or low-light GPS as standard: with BORA S the synchronizations, UTC or DCF that are, do not require external Bluetooth connections as standard, to connect BORA S with the repeater of ECHO S screen USB port, for any software updates and to extrapolate the data of your races and your workouts. In addition, if necessary, you can use the USB port to power BORA S externally 

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Borino S - timekeeping computer for regularity

Borino S - timekeeping computer for regularity

€ 795,00

Straight fome our experience on race fields here comes the the Borino S: amongst its many features: - numerical keyboard for a simple and fast programming - OLED display with high visibility in all light conditions - compact dimensions 16.3 x 7.8 x 4 - precision to the 1/1000" - USB socket for data download, installation updates and external power supply (emergency, bypasses the reliable and available 4 internal disposable AA batteries) - possibility of training with connection to an external sensor and simultaneous use of the button - possibility to correct the duration of the stages in progress with the +/- keys - programming with dedicated entries for sport regularity (PCT, neutralization ...) - up to 250 programmable stages (of any kind) - patented Audio Caliper® system which allows to be much more precise in the final part of the approach to the pressure switch - external output to program both the PC distance and the media tests directly on the AVE S - optional internal GPS synchronizer (free when launching) ​​​​​​​- internal serial bluetooth to copy data to / from another Bora S or Borino S and to connect with the Echo S repeater   At this link you will find an in-depth analysis about specific special stages ​​​​​​​ Firmware update, dedicated and manual software; we advise you to download all the contents of the Dropbox folder on your desktop and decompress it, then follow the instructions in the README.TXT file

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