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Borino S - timekeeping computer for regularity


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SKU Borino S

Straight fome our experience on race fields here comes the the Borino S:

amongst its many features:

- numerical keyboard for a simple and fast programming
- OLED display with high visibility in all light conditions
- compact dimensions 16.3 x 7.8 x 4
- precision to the 1/1000"
- USB socket for data download, installation updates and external power supply (emergency, bypasses the reliable and available 4 internal disposable AA batteries)
- possibility of training with connection to an external sensor and simultaneous use of the button
- possibility to correct the duration of the stages in progress with the +/- keys
- programming with dedicated entries for sport regularity (PCT, neutralization ...)
- up to 250 programmable stages (of any kind)
- patented Audio Caliper® system which allows to be much more precise in the final part of the approach to the pressure switch
- external output to program both the PC distance and the media tests directly on the AVE S - optional internal GPS synchronizer (free when launching)
​​​​​​​- internal serial bluetooth to copy data to / from another Bora S or Borino S and to connect with the Echo S repeater

At this link you will find an in-depth analysis about specific special stages

Firmware update, dedicated and manual software; we advise you to download all the contents of the Dropbox folder on your desktop and decompress it, then follow the instructions in the README.TXT file

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