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Bora S² - Stopwatch with double entrances for regularity races


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We have improved the Bora S, and we have condensed all the improvements in the new Bora S².
The new, compact case makes the Bora S² the most advanced and powerful device on the market today for regularity.
In addition to the functions of the previous Bora S, such as our patents AUDIO CALIPER ® and DUAL-IN ®, the Bora S² benefits from all the improvements that have been introduced in parallel with the Borino S.
The Bora S² is equipped as standard with the GPS receiver for synchronization, and comes with two buttons, carrying case.
The AUDIO CALIPER ® function, with the programmable acoustic division between a "Beep" and the other, allows to acquire a greater "rhythm" and to increase the accuracy considerably.
The DUAL-IN ® function, with two sockets for buttons, allows the pilot and co-driver to "split" both on the same stopwatch, and to choose the "split" best passage per passage. Or you can set the two inputs in order to have on one the automatic passage and on the other the split.
The new backlit keyboard is much more visible than the previous one, and together with the backlit transflective graphic display (with adjustable brightness) makes Bora S² extremely practical to use in night and / or low light conditions.
Bluetooth is standard, to connect Bora S² with the Echo S screen repeater, as well as the USB port, for any software updates and to extrapolate the data of your competitions and workouts.
In addition, if necessary, you can use the USB port to power Bora S² externally.

At this link you will find an in-depth analysis about specific special stages

Firmware update, dedicated and manual software; we advise you to download all the contents of the Dropbox folder on your desktop and decompress it, then follow the instructions in the README.TXT file

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