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DIGITECH Chronometer for Regularity Competitions BORA S

DIGITECH Chronometer for Regularity Competitions BORA S

€ 1250,00

A NEW WIND FOR YOUR RACES From the experience gained over the years on the competition fields, the new BORA S is born, which inherits from the predecessor BORA 4 the logic and functionality of use, with a lay-out and absolutely innovative functions: new box: designed with an ergonomic concept completely different from the previous one, and made of an extremely robust material, making it easy to use and to hold, as well as a fall proof function AUDIO CALIPER ®1 and DUAL-IN ® function1 : BORA S is the most innovative tool in its field, allowing at the same time greater precision to the rider, together with a synergy between pilot and co-pilot in the steps on the "tube". The AUDIO CALIPER ®1 function, with the programmable acoustic division between a "Beep" and the other, allows to acquire a greater "rhythm" and to increase the accuracy considerably. The DUAL-IN ®1 function, with two sockets for buttons, allows the pilot and co-pilot to "split" both on the same stopwatch, and to choose the "split" best passage for the backlit keyboard passage: together with the latest generation graphic display, BORA S is very practical to use in night conditions and / or low-light GPS as standard: with BORA S the synchronizations, UTC or DCF that are, do not require external Bluetooth connections as standard, to connect BORA S with the repeater of ECHO S screen USB port, for any software updates and to extrapolate the data of your races and your workouts. In addition, if necessary, you can use the USB port to power BORA S externally 

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